Cam DS x Prochef par Julien: A Kitchen Story

By Camille D. Sperandio @camds


Let me tell you the story of ourkitchen.

Buying a home, especially amid apandemic, has been quite an epic. I’m sure I’m not the only one who had to go through this! Trying to find a house that fit our needs and tastes (and our budget!) was a real challenge.

Back on September 1, 2020, we had an appointment with our real estate broker to visit a house that looked perfect in pictures. But since we had often been disappointed during our last visits,we preferred not to raise our expectations too high.

I remember the day like it was yesterday. The feeling I had when Guillaume parked the car in front of the house. I knew it, and we both felt it. It was ours!

We fell in love with the house, the location, the look, the size. Everything was perfect!

Except for one thing. The kitchen.

The previous owner was a carpenter, and with his father, they had built a barn wood kitchen with their hands. A great look for a cottage but, for a house, it was not to my taste! We were looking for something more refined, minimalist. It was evident in our minds that we were going to have to renovate it!

A few months after purchasing our home, we set the wheels in motion. While researching the look we wanted to recreate in our kitchen, I came across the ProTerra M40 sink from ProChef! A reversible apron kitchen sink in white fireclay, which gives a timeless, Scandinavian design. That sink was what I was looking for!

Being self-employed, I’m home a lot. And one of the rooms I spend the most time in is the kitchen! It was vital for me to feel good, and most importantly, spaced! And since my primary profession is photography, well, it was a given that I wanted my kitchen to be photogenic! One of the questions I hear most often, no kidding, is where I bought my sink. I am proud to say that it comes from Prochef, a local company.

One of the challenges in renovating my kitchen was to only work with Quebec companies. Buying locally was extremely important to me for several reasons. The first was to encourage local contractors, mainly because of the uncertainty caused by the pandemic. I wanted to show my support. It was important to me. 

Almost three months passed between the demolition of our kitchen and the final result! A project that made us sweat and go through all kinds of emotions: fear, uncertainty, frustration,happiness, pride. And now, my kitchen has become my favorite room. And this is thanks to all the choices I made, including my Prochef sink.