Back to School: Organization is Key

Fall is upon us once again and so is that unchanging back to school routine. Preparing lunch, doing homework and attending parent-teacher meetings are just a few of the things that sneak back into our lives as soon as summer is over. Can't seem to get back on track with meal prep? We've put together a few tips to help you get organized in the kitchen and free up weeknights.



At the beginning of the week, clean and chop fruits and vegetables and prepare snacks for the whole family. A colander, acutting board and a knife are all you need to get the job done! Pre-portion out the food in individual containers so that you can just grab your snack in the morning and go. Try new foods like papaya, passion fruit or dried fruit! You can also use cookie cutters to make melon or cantaloupe portions into fun shapes! Kids will love it!




Why not take Sunday afternoon to prepare lunches for the week? Take this opportunity to make meals for the whole family and freeze them so that you are prepared for any eventuality. Invest in individual freezer-safe lunch containers and prepare portions for each member of your household for every weekday. In the morning, simply grab whatever the kids feel like eating for lunch and put it in their lunchbox. Once the meals and snacks are ready, imagine how much time you’ll save during the week!




Keeping your kitchen organized is key to finding what you're looking for quickly and saving time. Why not organize the pantry in different sections to make it easier to prepare meals?

Get bins to store candy bars, applesauce and crackers. Organize these bins with the kids' snacks and place them at the bottom of the cupboard for easy access; the kids can just reach for them when they come back from school.

Place food purchased for recipes together. For example, if you bought pasta, sauce, spices and croutons for Monday night’s dinner, place these items together at the end of the pantry. Then do the same thing for every day of the week. This way, you'll be able to quickly find ingredients and it will make cooking much easier.




Your kitchen sink is an essential item to your weekly meal prep. A functional sink will certainly help you cook more efficiently. If you are planning a kitchen renovation in the near future, why not take the opportunity to install a double-bowl sink? It is quite convenient to be able to rinse food on one side while washing dishes on the other.

Another great way to better organize your sink is to add accessories! A colander, a bin or a cutting board add working surface to your kitchen and really make it more functional.